Horse Riding / Equestrian
Arena Construction

The construction process is ready to begin after an appropriate location has been decided upon.

The initial stage involves the earthworks being undertaken.  This would begin with the grass being removed off the arena site and the ground excavated to the necessary levels.  At this point, drainage around the site may also be done.

Next step in the process is the construction of the arena base.  Various grades of crushed rock will be supplied and laser leveled.  The choice of crushed rock material would be determined by things such as soil conditions and the specifications required by the client.  The crushed rock would then be watered down and compacted.

The riding surface is the next layer to be added and this could be just one product or a blend of products; e.g. sand/ rubber (this would be specified by the client).  This would be supplied and laser leveled to the required depth.

To complete the project all remaining earthworks would be finished off and fencing erected if required.
This is a brief description of some of the stages required to build an arena.  It is worth noting that the construction process is quite an intricate and detailed job that requires specific knowledge and experience to achieve optimum results.

The following pictures show some stages in the construction of a new arena.

Preparing the site for a new arena

Crushed rock being spread during arena base construction

Arena base being laser graded to required levels.

Riding surface being added to arena.

Fences have been erected and arena is ready for use.